ECLBET马来西亚 –1月份2022年字在必得活动得奖名单

🇲🇾 [Malaysia – JANUARY Number Game Event] 🇲🇾

🇲🇾[马来西亚 – 1月份字在必得活动 ] 🇲🇾

1月份的字在必得竞猜得奖者已经出炉啦!恭喜以下的玩家成功猜到得奖号码而赢得我们活动总值 RM 172,000++ 的奖金成为我们的第十一届的字在必得大赢家 !

而没得奖的玩家也不要气馁,下个月份将会有新年特别活动! 奖金还会首次突破300K 以上等你赢取,千万别错过二月份的新年字在必得!! 新年快乐,万事如意 !👍👍🐯


Our Number Game prediction winners are released !

Congratulations to all winners who had successfully predicted the correct number and won the huge prize pool !

Check out our Facebook page and website for upcoming event ! We will see you soon on next event !

Thanks for supporting ECLBET !❤️

All prizes will be credited on the next day (30th Jan 2022) between 12pm -3pm. For any enquiries kindly contact our 24/7 livechat support.

Thank you


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